Top 5 to do's in a wedding check list!

1. Budget:

Lets face it weddings are expensive. And the cost of things can become pretty overwhelming from the get go. So it’s super important to sit down and determine your budget for your big day! Decide what your willing to take the cheaper option on, and what you absolutely can’t do without. At the end of the day if you and your significant other say “I do” and are happy that’s what matters! You won’t always remember the extra $400 you paid for decorations. 

2. Picking a venue:

Once you have the budget figured it out. It’s time for the fun stuff! Picking a venue is so exciting! You can decide whether you want to go the more traditional route and use a church, or a popular wedding venue in your town, an old barn, or rooftop. There are tons of options for wedding venue! So get out there and pick one that fits your budget and wedding style! 

3. Making a guest list:

Once you’ve picked your venue they will more than likely have a total number of people they can hold. So be sure to keep that in mind when making your guest list. It’s easy to not want to leave anyone out. But if your venue is limited on space, uncle joes third wife’s, cousins, friend might not make the cut! Make a list of everyone that is special to you and your significant other and if you have available space in your venue and budget then you can expand the list to distant relatives and friends. 

4. Choosing the food:

Many venues will offer different meal options within whatever package you choose. That’s one of the best parts! You get to have a tasting of all the foods they offer and pick your favorites that you want on your big day! If you’re allowing kids in the wedding try to keep them in mind to and have some kid friendly options like chicken tenders, Mac n cheese, etc. It’ll keep them happy which keeps their parents happy which will make the whole day better! 

5. Picking The Dress:

This is one of the best parts of wedding planning for the Bride especially. This day should be completely about the Bride. You will need to schedule appointments at some of your favorite bridal shops. A lot of them only schedule one bride at a time so you get the whole shop to yourself and undivided attention from the attendant and whoever you choose to come help you pick your perfect dress! It can be a tiring day so make sure to plan a lunch break in between dress shops to keep your energy up. I’m going to sound like a broken record here..but make sure to stay within your budget! It’s super easy to see a dress that is completely over budget and say “I’m just going to try it on”. DO NOT DO THAT. Because if you fall in love with that dress and you can’t afford it, no dress will live up to it. So do yourself a favor and only look at dresses within your budget! You and your wallet will be thankful you did. 

What are some questions you have about planning your wedding? Leave a comment below and let's get chatting!

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