Wedding Day Timeline

When you are planning your wedding its easy for things to feel like everything has been lumped together and the past few months of planning can be a big blur.Thats why it is so important to sit down and create your wedding day timeline. This schedule of your day will be the guideline for your wedding party, family, and vendors to always know what is happening when. When creating your timeline be sure to include any and everything that you feel is important to include. Keep in mind that depending on your contract or requests for your photographer and videographer they are going to capture everything. So if you are getting hair and make up done at 8:00 AM at Fancy Salon Inc. and you want that captured, be sure to add that and the location (if it is off site from the venue). If you are having the ceremony at one location and the reception at another be sure to include any travel time between venues.

When it comes to photos and videography these two will typically be together. It is incredible to see how your still shot can be included into your wedding video and add a completely different feel to the image. That being said it is so important that your photographer and videographer know exactly what you want when it comes to capturing your special day. Including when and where you want to do your family, wedding party, and bride and groom pictures this will be vital for organization of the day. Take this time to decide if you'd like to do a first look. This will allow a lot of the photos and video to be taken before the ceremony giving you more time to enjoy your reception.

Speaking of reception, there will be a lot of activities packed into those few hours of party time. Some of the most important being the toasts, and first dances. This is where this timeline will come in handy even more. It will allow the people involved to know when and where they are expected and around how long they have to speak. You will also want to send a copy to your DJ/MC so that they can make announcements for each section of your reception.

Lastly the grand exit. Many venues will have a required exit time so be sure to include the details of your getaway in your timeline.

What is the most unique grand exit you've seen or heard of? What kind of exit are you planning?

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